A Seacoast in Bohemia

The Empty Horizon
June 8, 2007, 3:03 am
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Genome is an island.   There are neighboring islands close by.  Science School II is on my southeast corner, but I can’t see it from that corner, nor can anybody at Science School II see Genome.  Islands connect only across their north/south or east/west sides.  Corners don’t connect, so if your only neighbors are on corners, you are visually alone in the middle of a boundless sea. 

There is one exception to this peculiarity.  If I transport to any of the adjacent SciLands, for about one minute I can see the landscape and buildings on Genome on their horizon.  Then they disappear, like Brigadoon or the Elflands.  The same thing happens when I teleport back from the scilands.  For a minute I can see the buildings of Science School, and the thrilling panoply of rockets at Spaceport Alpha.  Then, poof! They’re gone!

Eastern Welcome CenterBut neighbors are coming!  The spots to the east of me are to be occupied soon by four new sims.  This raises an interesting problem.  Genome was constructed as an isolated island, and all of the different sections — the Abbey, the Terrace, the Gene Pool, the Tower — are oriented towards the teleport point at the center of the island.   If you approached the island from its eastern border, you would see the waves breaking on the Seacoast of Bohemia, and the back of the Abbey.  It doesn’t look particularly friendly.  In fact it looks, well, insular.  So I’m working to remedy that defect by constructing a welcome area on the slope behind the Abbey.   This will include a small gazebo, a welcome sign with teleport buttons to the major areas of the island, and a long flight of steps leading into the Abbey garden.   Hurry, neighbors!  And welcome to Genome. 


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