A Seacoast in Bohemia

Dancing in the Dihybrids
September 22, 2007, 2:16 am
Filed under: Class Notes

Well, we’ve about finished our Mendelian Review, so next week we’ll be back in the RL Lab, doing PCR.  This week we did pedigree analysis in the Tower, and visited the Cattery to brush up on sex linked genes, and looked at linked and unlinked markers in the North Garden of the Abbey. 

As you can see, the students are becoming more adventurous with their avatars.   They’ve been given a small allowance and Landmarks for good freebie places and they’ve been shopping!

This week the speakers were installed in the computer lab, so we have sound.  Somebody dropped a nice music streamer off at genome recently, and I’ve set it up on the terrace, so the students can pick their own music.  Since there was nobody nearby to be disturbed by the unlablike sounds, we had dancing in the dihybrids, complete with rave sticks.  I love the ability to get outside the usual classroom mold in Second Life.

Lesson of the week:  only one student at a time can generate a big data set within the chat radius of 25M.  Otherwise the chat record gets muddled.  This means they have to check with one another before pushing the button!  Not a bad exercise in group cooperation. 


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