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Comfort Me With Apples
October 11, 2007, 7:34 pm
Filed under: Class Notes

This week, the genetics students had their first building session, in preparation for their class project.  It was wonderfully chaotic — they were working on two levels of the Atelier Sandbox, and there is now prim litter everywhere!  One of the students made apples for everybody, each one with one of our names floating over it.   

Apples for Everybody

To help get them started, I gave each of them four simple pre-scripted interactive objects with instructions on how to modify the objects and the embedded scripts.  Each of the objects was a prototype of objects to be found in many places around Genome Island. 

One object was a Notecard Giver, typical of the informational or instructive notecards associated with each of the activities on the island.  A second object was a URL Giver, typical of activities that ask visitors to use an external resource, like a stored spreadsheet, or a database, or a bioinformatics program.  Another was a simple Object Rezzer that popped out a cone when clicked.  The fourth prototype was a color/texture changer that changes the appearance of each member of a group of objects linked to a click-activated trigger. 

In each case, the students were invited to save a reference copy of each object and then make changes in either the object itself or its script.  The objects could also be unlinked so that the individual prims and their scripts could be saved to inventory as separate items.   An early result of this experimentation, after one of the students discovered the sculptie folder,  was the wealth of apples.  I think the apples actually started life as an object label!  Another of the students jumped right into experimenting with object dimensions and textures and filled her space with huge multicolored sculptures. 

I can’t wait to see what these items will morph into next!


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