A Seacoast in Bohemia

April 15, 2009, 4:25 pm
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About a year and a half ago, I was whining about the isolation of Genome Island.  Genome had a corner connection to Science School, but in SL, corner connections are “invisible” — you can’t see across to the neighboring island, and if you try to fly or walk across, you bounce off the corner.

What a difference a year and a half makes!  SciLands has grown from about 30 islands to over 50 and the Seacoast of Bohemia is now much reduced.  Genome Island is almost entirely landlocked, as is the real Bohemia —  Biome on the West, ToxTown to the North, the impressive multisim NHS complex to the east and Science School to the South.  There is still one open space on the northwest corner, where I hope Cell Island will someday be.  I have kept my coastlines, breaking waves, and seabirds, but Genome has landbridges to Science School and to Biome.   I had set up possible entry points on the North and East sides, but NHS has quite a lovely void sim (this doesn’t mean it’s empty — just low-prim) to my east, and ToxTown has a pier with sailboats on the north, so a land connection would disrupt their design.   However, if you don’t mind a little underwater stroll, you can walk to either destination.  It’s very nice to be connected to the neighbors!

Oddly enough, the intervening year has taught me something about how people move around in Second Life.  Genome gets a fair number of visitors, but almost NOBODY comes in at the entry points.  This makes perfect sense.  I almost never stroll over to Biome or Science School.  I just pick a spot on the map and do an instant teleport.  I checked how people come into Genome recently, using Maya Realities (http://mayarealities.com) visitor monitors, and it looks like this:


Each green dot marks the spot where somebody came into the sim.  As you can see, there are few dots at the land bridges.  Most people teleport directly in.  The concentrations of entrance points correspond to the places on the island where the activities are located, so a lot of these entrances are return visitors who logged out from one of the activity locations.  A lot of people also come in at the Landing Point, which is the teleport location given in the search utility.  Nevertheless, it’s been nice to have a seacoast with a view!

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