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Tejano Tech
April 20, 2009, 12:35 am
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For one of the oldies at Second Life, I don’t get around much. 

However, this evening I went to look around a new SciLands Sim, over on the other side of the NOAA islands, from U. T. San Antonio.  The island is called Tejano Tech (http://slurl.com/secondlife/TejanoTech/154/159/21) and will be combining science with history and culture.  Of course, I have a soft spot for other Texas Techies.  So far, I’m the only serious SL user at my own university, so I’m thrilled to find other Second Life Educators only a few hundred miles away! 

ConstructivIST Solo showed me around the island.  Tejano Tech is still in the early stages of development, but already has a number of learning spaces suitable for student groups of different sizes.  From a coastal fishing shack, you can watch the sun rise with a few friends.  There is a small cafe that will accommodate several groups of 5-6 students.  There is a open colosseum that can seat about 85.    A library area effectively combines an open-air structure with cozy seating alcoves.  A stage area with stadium-type seating is set up for powerpoints or other media presentations. 

One of my favorite spots is the Learning Tree, where about 20 students can sit in delicate flower-like cups in UTSA colors around a small demonstration platform.  I like this so much I may have to building something like it on Genome!  There is a lovely underwater art gallery where students can experiment with both 2D and 3D art projects.   A Learning Maze has been designed and built by a Ed. Tech student; in the maze students will turn left or right, depending on their answers to questions posted at various points in the maze.  To get to the center of the maze.  all the answers have be be correct.  This looks like a fun and flexible assessment game. 

The terraforming on the island has been cleverly done to give each structure its own visual space, as in a Japanese garden.  The island is already being used by students in some classes at UTSA, and I’m sure they are enjoying it.  I’m looking forward to watching this SciLands neighbor continue to evolve.  It is off to a super start!


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